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TPWD Urges Boaters to Be Safe This Weekend
With the long Memorial Day weekend just days away, and with thousands of people heading for the great outdoors, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is busy promoting safe, responsible and sober boating on the state's rivers and lakes.
Monster Size Catfish No Danger to Ecosystem
Because of the wettest winter and spring in years, east Texas lakes are at last back to their normal levels in most areas. "Full Pond", as state hydrologists say.  That means the fishing is better than it's been in years, and the State Parks and Wildlife Department is busy restocking the p…
East Texas May Lose Historic Attraction
A long time east Texas attraction may have to close down because of cash flow problems.  If the popular Texas State Railroad can't get a cash infusion soon and find ways to make money 12 months a year, its managers say it will go out of business this week.
TPWD May Allow Deer Hunters to Use Silencers
The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission is one vote away from allowing the use of sound suppressors -- so-called "silencers" -- on firearms used to take game animals -- like deer.
The sound suppressor proposal is in a package of suggested changes in state hunting and fishing regula…
Piranha Caught in Houston Lake
Texas lakes and waterways -- that once were good places to fish and swim -- aren't as fun or safe as they used to be.  State officials say more and more dangerous exotic fish are turning up.  The latest is a real live meat-eating piranha, caught, in of all places, a recreational lake …
Texas Cracks Down on Unsafe Boaters
Starting this year, Texas boat operators — and teenagers taking driver’s education courses — will be introduced to new state laws covering safe boating practices, boat handling and emergency procedures, all in an effort to make recreational boating safer.

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