Road Rage

Adult Women Have the Worst Road Rage in Texas
What is the worst spot for road rage around Lufkin?  That spot where South 1st and South Timberland come together?  Somewhere along Business 59?  Everywhere?
Whether it's a residential street, a highway, or a parking lot, a new study says women are hit the hardest by road rage. &n…
Texas Woman Shot in Head During Road Rage Incident [VIDEO]
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A woman was rushed to the hospital after being shot in the back of the head while driving on the North Freeway in Houston, Texas Friday morning (Mar 20) shortly after 7:00 AM.
Police say the shooting is believed to be the result of an alleged road rage incident that …
Women More Prone to Road Rage Than Men? Who Knew?
A recent survey of America's commuters has turned up some interesting and surprising facts about America's motorists.  Most of us think of "Road Rage" as a mostly "guy" thing, but this survey says that's not true. You may be surprised -- as we …

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