Department of Veterans Affairs

Money Managers Stealing from Disabled Vets
It's difficult to believe that anyone would steal from someone unable to stop them, but there are people who get themselves appointed to manage a disabled veteran's money and disability benefits, and then spend that never-ending flow of money on themselves.
Houston VA Reaches Out to Vets With Facebook Page
The Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center in Houston has launched its own page on Facebook, in an effort to make it easy for veterans to have easy two-way communication with the VA and keep up with what's going on in the world of veterans' services.
Grave Markers Misplaced at Houston National Cemetery
What is going on at the Department of Veterans Affairs - the VA?  Can't they do anything right?  The VA is admitting to what it calls "burial mix-ups" at VA cemeteries in six states, including Texas.
Unfortunately, the Houston VA Cemetery is not the only place where t…
VA Cemetery Director Leaves Houston
It's been learned that the controversial director of the VA's Houston National Cemetery has been transferred to an administrative position at the VA's National Cemeteries Administration in Washington D.C.
Arleen Ocasio asked that she be transferred out of Houston.