It's difficult to believe that anyone would steal from someone unable to stop them, but there are people who get themselves appointed to manage a disabled veteran's money and disability benefits, and then spend that never-ending flow of money on themselves.


What's worse, those people are appointed to that fiduciary trust by the Department of Veterans Affairs, the very agency that should be looking out for veterans' best interests and doing everything possible to protect them.

Many benefits swindles are perpetuated on veterans who're too ill or disabled to report the crimes, or even be aware that it's going on.  Some crimes went undetected for years before being uncovered through tips, thieves' confessions or the VA's own infrequent checks.

A spokesman for the nonprofit Disabled American Veterans says the VA must exercise greater oversight and get tough with people who abuse veterans this way. David Autry says "It's one of the lowest things you can do."

via Disabled veterans in Texas fleeced by VA-appointed money managers - Houston Chronicle.

This is another dubious category in which Texas leads the nation. In the past decade, twice as many Texans have been prosecuted for stealing from disabled veterans than in any other state.

To report VA benefits theft and/or fraud the VA urges people to contact the VA's Office of Inspector-General at:

via OIG Hotline.