Better late than never we suppose.  Nearly 40 years after it was stolen from its perch outside the offices of the Longview News-Journal newspaper, a large concrete eagle has been returned to the owner.  The thief's family is still so embarrassed by it they don't want to be identified.


The eagle -- with wings spread wide and weighing hundreds of pounds -- was taken as a teenage prank in the early 1970s by a high school student who was proving to his buddies that it could be done.

When the boy's father found out about it, he was so horrified he buried the eagle in their backyard and swore everyone who knew about it to secrecy.

Several decades later, the prankster's brother dug it up and placed it next to the family's backyard pool, where it perched for many more years. Recently, a family member contacted the newspaper and told them where they could find their long missing eagle.

“I don’t want my name in the newspaper,” she said, outlining her terms. “But this has kept me awake at night. So I decided it was time for the eagle to go home.”