Someone in Houston is going around killing dogs, mostly pit bulldogs.

Seven dogs were found dead, including six pit bulls, over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend. Three dogs had been shot, and the other four had been beaten to death.

“We started finding an unusual number of dead dogs, all of them pit bulls,” Emily Crossley, founder of Backstreet Brutality & Relief, told CBS Houston. “Two were found on top of each other … another one was found shot in the head inside a crate.”

The dogs were found in an area where there is a lot of litter and debris.

Crossley said there is suspicion that a dog-fighting ring might be behind the killings, but “some things don’t add up.

She says all these dogs appeared to be pet dogs, not fighting dogs, because none had fighting wounds or scars.

Houston police are investigating but they don’t have any suspects, or much to go on because there was little evidence at the scene.

via Serial Killer Targeting Pit Bulls In Houston Area « CBS Houston.

Some people would give anyone who kills pit bulldogs a medal for public service. They say pit bulls are dangerous and deadly to have around.

Others say pit bulldogs are not killers by nature. They say they're as sweet and loving as any other dog, and they blame guard dog trainers and dog fighting for turning them into dangerous killers.

What do you think?