The Lufkin Daily News reports:

With political unrest mounting in Egypt, Lufkin Industries is working to make sure its employees there are safe.

Currently, Lufkin Industries has 75 employees stationed at its Eastern Headquarters in Cairo, which oversees all of the company’s business doings in the eastern hemisphere, according to Lufkin Industries Vice President of Human Resources Brian Gifford. Most of those 75 employees are Egyptians and were asked to stay home. Three international families, one from the United States and two from the United Kingdom, are being evacuated from the country.

“We have been following (the political unrest in Egypt) since its inception,” Gifford said. “We thought it best to get our people out of there.”

The company is focusing on getting the international families out of Egypt and into a safer location. People were “working round the clock all weekend” to secure a way for them to leave the country, Gifford said.

Gifford said the company is waiting to see what happens in Egypt before a decision is made to return the international families to the Cairo facility. They will not be sent back until the company is sure that the families are returning to a safe environment.

via Lufkin Industries works to ensure safety of workers in Egypt - The Lufkin Daily News: Business.

The U.S. State Department says more than 2,400 Americans have requested assistance in leaving Egypt, but only a few hundred have made it out.