Bill Denham, who lives in Grapeland over in Houston County, is enjoying his 15 minutes of national fame, by virtue of the funny story he submitted to Reader's Digest.  It got published in the magazine's May edition.

Here's how it goes:  “The high school was using our church’s Family Life Center for its annual spring banquet.  Since we wanted to keep the teenagers confined to the gym and out of the main building, someone suggested posting a ‘Do Not Enter’ sign on the door.

I knew that wouldn’t work, so I put up another sign that did the job. It read, ‘Prayer Room’.”

Read more about it in the Houston County Courier.

Bill Denham deserves a Texas size shout-out for getting his story published, and for putting Grapeland on the national map.  Reader's Digest has solicited funny stories from its readers for many years, and it gets more than 50 thousand submissions every year.  Only a tiny handful make it into print.