Outdoor Recreation

No Rest for Texas Game Wardens
The Houston Chronicle reports the 500 or so Game Wardens at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department are always on the go in the warm weather months, especially on holiday weekends.
You Get a Line and I’ll Get a Pole…..
And we'll go fishin' in a new fishin' hole.  Now it's not as if we don't already have plenty of places to fish in these parts, but you may be interested to know that a brand new lake is almost ready to be opened for fishing.  It's Lake Naconiche in northeastern Nacogdoches County, and Texas Parks an…
Galveston Opens Pleasure Pier Amusement Park
Galveston has a new attraction that's definitely designed to draw tourists of all ages to the Island City. It's a $60 million dollar Pleasure Pier on Seawall Boulevard, built by developer and hospitality king Tilman Fertitta.
Forest Service Urges Us To Report Arson Wildfires
Heading into the long Memorial Day weekend -- the unofficial start of another hot and dry summer — the Texas Forest Service is begging us to be careful with cookouts, campfires and any outdoor burning.
TFS also wants people to be especially watchful for arsonists deliberately starting fires and…
TPWD Urges Boaters to Be Safe This Weekend
With the long Memorial Day weekend just days away, and with thousands of people heading for the great outdoors, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is busy promoting safe, responsible and sober boating on the state's rivers and lakes.

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