Texas Teen Birth Rate Drops, But it’s Still High
Nationwide, the teen birth rate has declined to its lowest level since 1946, but while the national average decline was just 9 percent from 2009 to 2010, Texas has shown even greater improvement.  But we still don't have any reason to celebrate.
Governor Scrambles for Women’s Health Funds
In what is described  by some as a fiscal switcheroo, Governor Rick Perry is hoping to free up state dollars to fund the embattled Women’s Health Program -- by seeking federal block grants for other programs, and rerouting some of the funds to women's health.
A Million Texas Kids Have No Health Insurance
A study by a national children's advocacy group shows more than a million Texas children have no health insurance, and without it, those kids are not getting the care they need. They're also facing a dim and uncertain future.
How Does Your County Rank in Overall Health?
This year’s County Health Rankings, which size up the relative health of people in more than 3,000 US counties, was released Tuesday. And although each county was only compared to others within the same state, there are some interesting and revealing general findings.
Now We Know: Perry was on Painkillers
In a book that would seem to explain a lot of things, two reporters for Politico say Texas Gov. Rick Perry was under the influence of prescription painkillers during the Republican presidential debates of recent months.

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