Deadly E.coli Outbreak in Europe
Here's sobering news for people thinking of traveling to Europe this summer.  A new strain of the deadly E.coli bacterium has broken out in Germany, and it has spread to several other European countries, including Great Britain.
New Blood Test Could Predict How Long You Will Live
A blood test that should be available in Europe by the end of the year could give you a pretty good indication of how fast you are aging and how much longer you will live.
The test measures telomeres, structures on the end of each of your chromosomes, which scientists think may hold the key to determ…
Japan Nuclear Plant Pumping Highly Radioactive Water
The operator of Japan's crippled nuclear plant began pumping highly radioactive water Tuesday from the basement of one of its buildings to a makeshift storage area in a crucial step toward easing the nuclear crisis.
Removing the 25,000 tons of contaminated water that has collected in the basement of …

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