Longview Thieves Steal Christmas From Foster Kids
About 20 thousand dollars worth of Christmas gifts have been stolen from the Gregg County Child Welfare Board in Longview. The presents were stored in a rented storage unit and were nearly ready to go to several hundred children in foster care in the Gregg County Area.
Now You Can Rent Toys for Christmas
Most parents know all about the stress and strain of trying to find the "right" toys for their kids every Christmas.  A company in Boston feels their pain, and has come up with an entirely new take on giving toys - generally - not just at Christmas time.
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The Five Hottest Black Friday Trends This Year [SPONSORED]

Black Friday is upon us, and this year's shopping trends are sure to please many shoppers with extended hours and incredible deals. The latest technology and digital advances will also play a role in your spending habits this holiday season. Find out what the latest and greatest trends are this…