Applications for US unemployment aid fall to 298K
WASHINGTON (AP) — Fewer people applied for U.S. unemployment benefits last week, another sign the job market is improving. The Labor Department says weekly claims for jobless aid fell 14,000 last week to a seasonally adjusted 298,000...
Hallmark Sympathy Cards for the Unemployed
With the US unemployment rate hovering around nine percent, it’s nice to know someone‘s business is thriving. In this case, that someone is Hallmark, which recently began selling sympathy cards aimed at those who’ve lost jobs.
The 10 Most Hated Jobs — Is Your Job One of Them?
With unemployment over 9 percent, most people who're working these days are just grateful they have a job.  A job, any job, even one you hate, is better than having no job and depending on welfare.  Or is it? Speaking of "hated jobs", you may be surprised to know that list includes some of the best-paying jobs in the country.  It's true. Read on.
Man Will Do Anything (Legal) For Money
Travis Boyles will do “whatever you want him to do for less money than whoever you are paying to do it now.” In a Craigslist ad offering this service, Boyles makes 35 (often humorous) suggestions of what exactly he could do for you.