texas drought

Forest Service Surveys Drought Destruction
The Texas Forest Service has estimated that last year's drought killed hundreds of millions of trees, but those are only educated guesses.  Now the agency is launching a more scientific survey that will provide a much more accurate picture of the destruction the drought left behind.
ERCOT Hopes to Keep Lights on This Summer
Even though weather experts are not expecting another long, hot summer like the one we had last year, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas is searching for ways to keep the lights on through this summer and in the future.
Rains Mean Drought is Over — For Now
Foresters at the Texas Forest Service say they have good news and bad news.  The good news is that because of an unusually wet winter and spring, the worst drought in the state's history has finally ended, in east Texas.
The bad news is that many areas of the state are primed for another hot and dry …
Climatologist Says Drought Could Last Until 2020
Oh joy.  Another decade of this?  That's what weather experts are saying.  The state climatologist for Texas says the record drought of 2011 could be just the beginning of a long dry spell that could last until 2020 or beyond.
Drought Forcing Ranchers to Trim Herds
The scorching heat and unrelenting drought are forcing members of the largest livestock association in Texas to reduce their herds by almost 40 percent, but it hasn't shaken their confidence in the future of the industry.
Wildfires Burn – No Relief in Sight
Adding to the more than 3.5 million acres that have burned in Texas this year, a relentless string of wildfires has burned more than 14 thousand acres in nine east Texas counties since the weekend.

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