Texas Teacher Killed in Libya
The man making national news after being shot and killed while jogging on a street in Libya Thursday morning, was a teacher from Texas. Ronnie Smith was from Austin, and took a job teaching chemistry at the International School in Benghazi.
Are Marines Preparing to Invade Libya?
Are the Marines heading back to "the shores of Tripoli?"  That depends on whom you ask, and how you interpret the massive landing assault drill involving thousands of marines now underway this week on the east coast.
World Leaders Step Up To Put Pressure On Gadhafi [VIDEO]
Clinton's video discussing her concerns with Libya and Iran at a U.N. meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, can be viewed below. The United States has frozen at least $30 billion in Libyan government assets, a U.S. Treasury official announced Monday -- one of a series of steps being taken by international leaders designed to break strongman Moammar Gadhafi's grip on power.
Libyan Army Attack Protesters in Mosque
The country of Libya continues to be divided. Protests could lead to a Civil War. Army units and militiamen loyal to Moammar Gadhafi struck back against rebellious Libyans who have risen up in cities close to the capital Thursday, attacking a mosque where many were holding an anti-government sit-in and battling with others who had seized control of a local airport.
Oil Prices Rise Due To Libyan Protests
Oil prices have been rising since Friday due to the turmoil in Libya. To watch the video, click here. Oil producing nations have emergency reserves to draw on to stabilize markets in case the violence in Libya and the wider Middle East escalates to seriously affect energy production, officials said Monday.
Protests Continue In Libya
As if the protests in Egypt a few weeks ago weren't enough. The Libyan government launched new efforts Monday to crack down on protests, after apparently losing control of the city of Benghazi and facing defections from prominent officials inside leader Moammar Gadhafi's regime.