2012 election

Poll: Rick Perry More Unpopular Than Obama
A new statewide poll indicates we may be witnessing the decline and possible fall of the Lone Star State's longest serving governor.  The poll shows Rick Perry's approval ratings in Texas have fallen to an all time low, lower than the highly unpopular President Barack Obama.
If polls m…
Growing Unease Over GOP Presidential Choices
There are signs of growing unease among Republican Party insiders about the finalists in the Presidential nomination sweepstakes.  There's talk of persuading another Republican to jump into the fray, but, a former RNC Chairman says that would not work.
Condy for Veep? It Could Happen
There's growing speculation in high and low places that former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice could be the Vice Presidential running mate for whomever gets the Republican Presidential nomination next year.
Study: Voters Fleeing Both Major Parties in Droves
President Obama’s uphill battle to re-election is getting steeper.
A report released Wednesday by the centrist think-tank Third Way shows that more than 825,000 voters in eight key battleground states have left the Democratic Party since Obama won election in 2008.
That's nearly a million former Democ…
Poll: Hillary Clinton Could Defeat Any Republican
Here's food for thought for those who can't stop wondering if Hillary Rodham Clinton will run for President again.  Some Democrats say their party's nomination is hers for the asking, and a new poll indicates she would win the election hands down.
Some Democrats Think They Should’ve Nominated Hillary
Some Democrats are expressing what amounts to "buyer's remorse" over their choice of Barack Obama as their Presidential candidate in 2008.
Obama is facing mounting doubts about his re-election prospects from inside his own party, and some of his fellow Democrats are wondering i…