The largest solar storm in five years has engulfed Earth, but scientists say the planet has lucked out -- so far.  It's the result of one of the largest and most dramatic solar explosions ever seen.


The storm started with a massive solar flare two days ago on Tuesday, and it grew as it spread and raced outward from the sun.  The storm arrived at Earth this morning at about 5 a.m. CST.

Conveniently, the solar explosion and the plume it sent shooting into space were captured on video.   Here's the short version of it, courtesy of NASA.

via NASA - Leading Edge of March 6 CME Reaches NASA Satellite.

The solar storm arrived early today more peacefully than anyone expected.  Scientists say that could change as the storm spends the day shaking the Earth's magnetic field.  It could disrupt technology but it could also spread colorful Northern Lights to areas where they're rarely or never seen.

So far officials say there have been no reports of problems with power grids, cell phones, GPS, satellite TV or other technologies that are often disrupted by solar storms.

They also say no one should be surprised if any of those problems crop up.  This is one of those events where the fault really DOES NOT lie with your set.