Construction will take a little over two years, but once it's finished, driving on Highway 59 near FM 2021 will get a lot easier.  

Several serious accidents have happened in that spot, and the Texas Department of Transportation agrees that something needs to be done.  KTRE reports it's one of the most dangerous intersections in Angelina County.

Now the intersection of FM 2021 and Highway 59 is one step closer to a fix that's expected to decrease the danger and keep traffic flowing smoothly.

A contract has been awarded to a construction company (Webber, LLC) and they'll build a bridge to pass FM 2021 over Highway 59.  Construction is expected to take two years and one month, and TxDOT says the new construction project will start at the same time construction at 59 and the loop will be going on.  That means lots of orange cones and possible delays for drivers.

It's a 1.3 mile project that will cost $18.8 million.  And it could save lives in the end.