You can't gripe if you don't vote. At least that is what I have always heard. It's Election Day today, and we are voting on seven statewide seats. I eventually will want to gripe, so I'm going to vote.

If you didn't do early voting or mail-in voting, and don't know where to go vote, don't worry I’ve got you. Just click here to see if you are registered to vote, and you can also register if you need to.

There have been changes over the past few years that make it easier than ever to vote. You now have options of where you can vote, at least in most cases.

Where Do I Go Vote In Texas Today?

Once you use the above link to figure out if you are registered to vote, you can also find where to vote there. Your voter information will be there, and then click on the November 8th General Elections.

Before you had to go to a specific place to vote in your direct area. Now you can go anywhere listed on that link.

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I was glad to find that there were a few options close to work, so I could slip out quickly and go vote. Now I just need my driver's license and I am good to go.

You can bring one of 7 types of valid photo ID to vote in Texas.

  • Texas Drivers Licence
  • Election Identification Certificate
  • Texas ID Card
  • Texas Licence To Carry
  • U.S. Military ID Card
  • U.S. Citizenship Certificate
  • U.S. Passport

Just make sure there is a photo of you on it, and it should work as long as it's not a student ID. Even if you forget your ID you can cast a provisional ballot. Just ask at the polling location how it works.

The polls close tonight at 7 pm, so as long as you are in line by then you are good to go. If you run into any issues you can always call the secretary of state's office helpline at 1-800-252 VOTE.

Take a look at what is on the ballot early CLICK HERE.

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