The City of Nacogdoches Food Health Inspections has sent their inspectors to many of our favorite restaurants in the city. These assessments reflect on the cleanliness of the restaurant. Not the quality or taste of the food.

According to The Daily Sentinel, these restaurants got 5 demerits or more in their latest inspections.


El Lindo Mexico - 1102 SE. Stallings Dr. - 16 Demerits

  • Proper storage of cleaning solution needed
  • Need anti-siphon valve backflow preventer for the outside hose bibb
  • Keep solids and excess grease out of floor drain
  • Keep drain cleaned out in kitchen
  • Keep buckets and containers of foods stored properly
  • Two damaged knives discarded on site
  • Keep dumpster lids closed and pick up scattered trash behind and near dumpster
  • Use by dates needed
  • Remove excess grease from grease bin
  • Replace damaged ceiling tiles

Kinfolk's Restaurant - 4817 NW Stallings Dr. - 7 Demerits

  • Label spray bottles with clear solutions
  • Use by dates needed
  • Paper towels needed for handwash sink

Peking Chinese Restaurant - 205 Creek Bend Blvd. - 9 Demerits

  • Relabel two spray bottles with red solution
  • Need anti-siphon valve backflow preventer for outside hose bibb
  • Keep scoops stored properly
  • Keep lemons and straw out of handwash sink

There were also more April/May health inspections with less detail that were over 5 demerits at These reports only show conditions at the time they were conducted, and many issues are resolved on-site.

Stone House Kitchen -  312 East Main Food Service; 6 demerits

Star Food Mart  - 107 North Street Food Service/ Sales; 9 demerits

Super Yummy  - 4604 North Street Suite # 110 Food Service/Bar; 12 demerits

North Food Mart -  5105 North Street Food Service/Sales; 11 demerits

Chicken Express - 1614 N. University Food Service; 7 demerits

Tacos Al Pastor Dianita - 1724 South Street Food Service; 9 demerits

Jalapeno Tree - 637 North University Food Service; 12 demerits

Taco Bueno - 1821 North Street Food Service; 8 demerits

Big's # 2438 Deli and Grill - 2430 SE Stallings Food Service; 8 demerits

Sombrero's - 3000 North Street Food Service/Bar; 12 demerits

Dairy Queen - 3121 North St. Food Service; 12 demerits

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Guacomole's - 1315 North Street Food Service/Bar; 18 demerits 3/14/2024

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