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Monday afternoon right before 4 PM, I got a message about a bad accident in front of the Kings Row Mobile Home Park on US HWY 69 South going toward Huntington. One of the drivers was ejected into the middle of the highway and things did not look good.

Now details about the accident have come in, and I was glad to find out the driver that was ejected survived. According to the Lufkin Daily News 19-year-old Lufkin teen, Katie Simpson, was traveling South toward Huntington in a 2020 Cadillac SUV.

26-year-old Zavalla resident, Hayley Leviness, who was in a 1994 Chevrolet pickup failed to yield to the Cadillac and struck it. The Cadillac then overturned in the northbound lane, ejecting Simpson.

Lufkin Teen Transported To Conroe Memorial Hospital For Treatment

Leviness was not injured in the accident and was cited for failure to yield the right of way, as outlined in a report from the Texas Department of Public Safety. Simpson was transported to Conroe Memorial Hospital (HCA Houston Healthcare Conroe) for the treatment of multiple injuries.

HCA Houston Healthcare Conroe is an ACS level 2 trauma center. That is the closest place to send someone that has been involved in a major accident.

Lufkin has a level 4 trauma center, and Nacogdoches has a level 3 trauma center. It's good to know that she is getting the best care available, but it also speaks to the severity of her injuries.

Prayers will be needed for Katie Simpson and her family for months to come after the accident. I am sure our community will gather around this family.

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