Keeping working restaurants clean while servicing the public is a monumental task. One that could adversely affect the health of the communities they serve.

The Lufkin Daily News recently published a list of restaurant inspections carried out by the Angelina County and Cities Health District from February 26 through March 25, 2024.

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It has been a couple of months since these Lufkin inspections took place, and hopefully, all of these restaurants have turned things around. These reports are about how clean the restaurant is, not the taste or quality of the food.

Ralph & Kacoo's Seafood Restaurant Receives 44 Violations

Serving seafood has to be one of the hardest restaurants to manage. Many things could go wrong when you have many animal products in one kitchen.

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Ralph and Kacoo's Seafood Restaurant located at 3107 South First Street in Lufkin was given a full inspection on March 25. They received 44 violations including the following:

  • No dates were observed on tags of when the last oyster was sold or served. No record-keeping system was maintained to identify the source of the shellstock.
  • Raw shrimp was stored beside chicken on the breading station.
  • Shrimp thawing in standing water at food prep sink.
  • Food out of temperature in the cold holding area.
  • Dirty utensils with clean utensils in storage.
  • Black buildup was seen on walk-in cooler shelving.
  • Large amount of trash buildup under and around equipment.
  • Employee observed grabbing noodles with bare hands.
  • Encrusted deposits on baking trays and pans.
  • Black buildup on two ice machines and the margarita machine.

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers Gets 8 Violations

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers #586 located at  2200 South First Street was inspected on March 11, 2024. Most of their issues were with employee training, here are a few that stood out:

  •  A male employee at the fry station was observed not using soap to wash his hands after the manager reviewed hand-washing procedures with him.
  • 26 employees lack a food handlers certification.
  • Utensils were observed in a container with standing water.
  • Drive-thru windows must remain closed.

Brookshire Brothers On Gaslight Gets 20 Violations

A full inspection was done at Brookshire Brothers #25 located at 1807 West Frank Avenue on March 6, 2024. During the full inspection, 20 violations were found. Some of these were:

  • A tinted slime color was observed on several shelving and cabinets in the produce department.
  • The deli display cabinet not maintaining food at 135 or above.
  • The deli walk-in cooler had food with no dates that were discarded.
  • Encrustations were observed on straining racks stored on the clean utensils shelving in the deli.
  • Fountain drink nozzles in the deli were observed to have a thick black substance building up on them.
  • Significant food and grease build-up was observed throughout the kitchen.

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