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Beans, Beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat the more you...well, you get the idea. I really do love beans.

They are pretty much the perfect cheap, protein-packed food for me. Peas are a thing, but beans are where it's at. In the UK beans on toast is a preferred breakfast item. In Texas it's a crime to put them in chili.

They have worked their way into so many things. When you slam on the accelerator you are "giving it the beans" when driving.

One of my favorite movie quotes is "you treat me like a sack of beans". I still can't find what movie that was from. It was just the way the woman said it with a French accent, that hit me just right.

There Is A Small Unincorporated Town In Texas Called Beans

Enough about how awesome beans are. This story is about a small, unincorporated Texas town called Beans. I was looking around the Deep East Texas map yesterday around the Lake Sam Rayburn Reservoir near the Angelina River and there it was, BEANS!

I had to know more, and according to Wikipedia Beans was also known as Beans Place and Beans Community, among other names. The community was founded by Ira S. Bean in 1904, but never really grew bigger than a population of 25.

I've spent a lot of time in Jasper, and never heard of Beans. It's just 12 miles away on Recreational Road 225 West near Ebenezer Baptist Church.

google maps
google maps

I was so glad there is a town in Texas called Beans. It just captured my attention, and then it lead me to think about what other towns in Texas have delicious names.

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