We are very fortunate here in Texas to have so many airports to choose from when you’re either wanting or needing to travel. Whether you’re on vacation or a work trip there is normally an airport within an hour or two of just about anywhere in Texas. Sure, some airports are bigger than others and offer more amenities but when you’re talking about a shorter distance to get home, most people are willing to lose some of the amenities of the bigger airports. 

Texas Airports

But one thing that I have noticed recently is how expensive it is to park your vehicle when you’re leaving for a trip. Especially if you have a traveler who likes to take their time to get ready. That puts a little extra stress on the trip and might force you to park as close as possible to make sure you don’t miss your flight, but those parking fees will stack up quickly. 

Parking Fees Are Different at All Texas Airports 

When you park at a smaller airport like in Corpus Christi or Tyler you’re not going to have to pay as much as the big airports in Houston or Austin. But regardless of which airport you fly out of, if you park there, you’re going to have a bill when you arrive home from your destination. 

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Here are the Most Expensive Airports to Park Your Vehicle 

No one likes to pay the ridiculous parking fees at airports, but they know we will pay whatever they charge. Here is a look at the Texas airports that are the most expensive when you’re needing to park your vehicle for a few days.  

Airports with Most Expensive Parking Fees in Texas

If you're going on a trip soon just know these Texas airports have the highest fees when it comes to parking your vehicle.

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8 Items Not Allowed at Airports in Texas

Avoid any headaches with TSA at airports in Texas by not bringing these 8 items.

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