For years on the weekend, I have loved to spend time in my backyard here in Texas, often having an ice-cold beer while relaxing. It’s been a way to unwind after another long work week but lately it just doesn’t have the same appeal. Am I done drinking forever, no, but for now I am enjoying beverages that don’t come with a potential headache. 

Summer Mocktail

Everyone is on their own journey through life, some people choose to avoid alcohol all together. That could be a personal choice, or they have learned they need to avoid it to avoid chaos in their life. Other people can drink alcohol on a regular basis without any issues. I’m fortunate to say alcohol hasn’t had negative effects on my life, I just don’t have that same craving to grab a beer as I once had.  

I’m Looking for Beverages That Taste Amazing 

While many people are enjoying adult beverages, I want something that tastes good. Which is why I wanted to share a list of mocktail ideas that I saw on social media recently. Obviously, there are thousands of drink options, but the drinks listed below looked delicious and could make the alcohol drinkers jealous of your non-alcoholic drink. 

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Let’s Look at Some Mocktail Ideas 

If you’re wanting to switch up your beverage options and want to find something without alcohol, you’re in luck, there are lots of mocktail ideas all over the internet. But here are some great recipes to get you started. Cheers to a wonderful day with amazing drinks and no headache or hangover later.  

Summer Mocktails
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