We all know that marijuana is legal in many states across the country, but Texas is not one of them. There are certain cities in Texas that have voted and decided to decriminalize marijuana, but it remains illegal. According to WFAA, there is an advocacy group (Ground Game Texas) that has gathered over 50,000 signatures to make Dallas the largest city in Texas to decriminalize marijuana.  

Dallas Decriminalize Marijuana

The group's goal is to stop arrests and citations for anyone who possesses four ounces or less. There is a Dallas city councilman (Chad West) that said both the District Attorney and Chief of Police would support this if the limit was two ounces or less.  

That Could Cause a Lawsuit 

The councilmember knows that if marijuana were to be decriminalized in Dallas that would probably cause Attorney General Ken Paxton to file a lawsuit because that would go against state law. He has sued Austin, Denton, Elgin, Killeen and San Marcos because they voted to decriminalize marijuana.  

Why Decriminalize Marijuana in Dallas? 

The biggest reason why the Dallas city councilmember wants marijuana decriminalized is because he says it’s a drain in resources.  

The Vote Could Take Place in November 

The Dallas city secretary has the job of verifying if the advocacy group gathered enough signatures for voters to see decriminalizing marijuana on the ballot in November.  

Would you support Dallas or Texas as a whole to decriminalize marijuana? We would love to know your thoughts in the comment section.  

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