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This freaking HUGE alligator gar is just one of the reasons I freak out swimming in Texas rivers! I can't believe the size of this beast. It's a freaking dinosaur y'all!

I am literally NEVER going to get out of my innertube ever again!

Photo credit- IL TSM
Photo credit- IL TSM

And I just thought I was afraid of sharks. Move over Jaws, here comes GAR!

I mean just look at this fish!

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No. Freaking. Way!

This monstrosity was just caught and released by an angler in Lake Corpus Christi which is located about 40 miles northwest of downtown Corpus Christi.

This alligator gar weighed a whopping 207 pounds! 207 pounds!

According to the website, The Weight of Stuff,  this gar weighed the equivalent of 14 bowling balls, 25 gallons of water or roughly one big fridge!

Yep this gar weighs as much as your refrigerator!

Check this out!

It's the largest ever caught at the state park, according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.  "Move over, Rover," TPWD captioned the photo on their Facebook below.

And you've got to see Texas' reaction to this MONSTER! I am not alone. So many people have said this is what nightmares are made of too! LOL

I do want to compliment angler Paul Hefner for being a true sportsman and putting this "gentle giant" back into the river to live another day. I mean, to give nightmares to  tubers another day!

You can check out all of the Texas awards and record-breaking for fish caught in Texas by visiting the TDPW Fish Records And Awards page by clicking here.