According to WFAA, Overton High School Principal, Jeffery D. Hogg has been arrested after a student was bruised after being paddled.  According to court documents, the Principal struck a student three times on the butt with wooden paddle, causing bruising that was visible for at least 48 hours after administering the corporal punishment. According to a forensic pediatrician,  injuries that last more than 24 hours is considered physical child abuse. Hogg was arressted and charged with assault causing bodily injury on Wednesday. His bond was set at $2,000 bond and he has since been released.


An affidavit shows the student's mother made a report to the sheriff's office on Aug. 15 that her child had gotten into trouble at school and the elected consequence was corporal punishment, which was paddling, and the mother consented. 

The mother said on Aug. 14 that she and her child went into Hogg's office on Aug. 14 for him to administer the paddling. The student said Hogg hit her bottom the first time and it hurt so she walked around to get ready for the second swat, the affidavit read. 

According to the document, the second hit was harder than the first and "she had never hurt like that before." The student told Hogg and her mother that she didn't want to receive the third paddle. 

The student said that both her mother and Hogg said "she was almost through" and Hogg said "it would be a shame to have to got to ISS when she only had one lick left. So she then agreed to the final swat, the affidavit read.


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