Where is Hurricane Beryl's Heading This Weekend?

Where do you want to go for dinner? It's a common question and the usual answer is "I don't know." Do you want Mexican, hamburger, pizza, Italian?..."I'm not sure."

That's how I envision the future track of Hurricane Beryl over the next several days. Do you want to head to Brownsville, Corpus, Galveston, or how about the Texas/Louisiana border? No one seems to be sold on the correct answer...not even Beryl.

Take A Look at the Forecast Cone/Bubble

beryl 5 day map

Take a look at what happens as Beryl approaches Texas.

First, it is expected to regain strength and become a hurricane before its next landfall.

Secondly, the highest probability of landfall will occur from south of Brownsville to Corpus Christi, however, that bubble of uncertainty shows that Beryl could make landfall as far north as Lake Charles, Louisiana.

That's nearly 600 miles of coastline in play to take a direct strike from Beryl. Granted, that bubble will become smaller and more focused over the next day or two, but to be three days out and still have 600 miles of uncertainty is wild.

What Can Texas Expect from Beryl?

Obviously, the first threat from Beryl will be destructive winds and tidal surge wherever she decides to come onshore.

Then, here comes the heavy rain and threat of flooding.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

South-central Texas and the Valley look to take the brunt of the rainfall with 5 to 10 inches possible. East and southeast Texas could get anywhere from 2 to 5 inches.

If Beryl decides to make landfall more to the east, you can shift that orange and brown blob along with it. A few models are forecasting up to a foot of rain in Texas, depending on where Beryl goes.

Hoping for the Best

Meteorologists expect Beryl to regenerate with top winds of 85 mph before striking the south Texas coastline. A direct hurricane hit is never a good thing, but hopefully, the storm will get no stronger than a Category 1.

If Beryl jogs a little more north and east this weekend, it will stay in the Gulf of Mexico a little longer before landfall. That could give her more time to gain extra strength.

For now, keep the prayers going and download our station app to keep up with weather updates. 

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