State Rep. Wayne Christian, R-Center, says the only way to stop the age old sport of cockfighting is to prosecute the people who physically put the fighting roosters in the ring against each other.

Christian has introduced House Bill 1043, which beefs up the existing law against cockfighting.  As the law stands now, only those who own the two fighters and throw them into the ring can be prosecuted.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to find those people when birds and spectators scatter to the four winds when law officers break up the fight.

A spokesman for Christian says law officers asked the legislator to change the law two years ago, after Nacogdoches officers broke up a cockfight but were unable to file any charges.

Christian’s bill would make it illegal to own, possess or train fighting roosters, buy or sell cockfighting equipment, or allow cockfighting on your property for profit.  It would also be illegal to even be present at a cockfight.