What We Know About Pope Benedict’s Resignation
In stunning news, Pope Benedict XVI announced Monday morning from the Vatican that he will resign his position as head of the Catholic Church, effective on February 28. This has already set off a flurry of speculation, largely because no pope has voluntarily done so since the year 1415.
The news is s…
Christian Hobby Lobby Stores Sue ObamaCare
It's reported that the Christian-oriented Hobby Lobby Stores chain has filed a federal lawsuit over a mandate in the health reform law that requires employers to provide coverage for the morning-after pill.
English Hotel Throws Gideon Bibles Out
In just one more example of the way Christianity is getting kicked out of public and private life, USA Today reports a small hotel in England has taken the Gideon Bibles out of all its rooms, and you won't believe what has replaced them.
Serpent-Handling Pastor Dies of Snake Bite
Without comment, we present the story of a charismatic serpent-handling West Virginia preacher who died Sunday -- after he was bitten by one of the rattle snakes he was handling during his church service.
Longview Presbyterian Church May Quit Denomination
In one of the first local referendums on gay rights in the church, members of the First Presbyterian Church of Longview will vote Sunday on whether to leave the Presbyterian Church USA over the issue of ordaining practicing homosexuals as priests.

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