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Wider Panama Canal Means More Texas Truck Traffic
Texas business and political leaders are sending out a serious "heads up" to cities and towns on the major highways that go to and from the Gulf Coast, and, for once, it has nothing to do with hurricanes.
They say the massive expansion of the Panama Canal that's now underway is going to dou…
Fixed-Rate Power Contracts in Danger
Officials at several big electricity providers are wondering out loud if changes in wholesale power prices could allow them to break the fixed-rate contracts they have with consumers.
Lufkin May Crack Down on Tanning and Tattoos
Next time you get a tattoo in Lufkin or hit the tanning beds, you may find new rules and tighter health codes.
Yesterday at the Angelina County Commissioner’s Court meeting a representative from the health department said several health code violations have been discovered recently.
Hundreds of Jobs Available at Chamber Job Fair
Whether you are out of a job, or looking to change jobs, you'll get a chance to meet people who can do either of those things for you at the first Forest Country Job Fair Tuesday May 22nd at Angelina College.  Job hunters will find more than 800 jobs of all kinds in a wide variety of busin…
TransCanada Reapplies for Oil Pipeline
The Canadian oil company that wants to build the controversial Keystone XL pipeline in the U.S. has submitted a new application for the project, after changing the route to avoid environmentally sensitive land in Nebraska.
Education Summit Says Schools Must Change
School superintendents, school board members and administrators from around Angelina County and the state held a summit meeting with local business and community leaders earlier this week at the Pitser Garrison Civic Center on Tuesday.  Their goal was to get public schools, state lawmakers, an…

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