Lindsay Lohan recently channeled Marilyn Monroe in a Playboy magazine pictorial, but her next film role could be portraying another Hollywood legend.

It's reported that Lindsay Lohan is in “early talks” to play Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime Channel movie about Taylor's scandalous affair and subsequent marriages to Richard Burton.

The news was first reported by Deadline on Monday, and later confirmed by Entertainment Weekly.  According to EW, “Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story,” would focus on Taylor’s long and public romance with Burton.

Lohan’s most recent acting credits include the film “Machete” and an appearance on the TV series “Ugly Betty.” Like Taylor, who died in March at age 79, she found fame at a young age and grew up in the spotlight.

Taylor and Burton married twice – first from 1964-1974, and again from 1975-1976.  Last month, Taylor's jewelry collection, including a number of pieces that were gifts from Burton, fetched $137 million as part of an auction of Taylor’s possessions that sold for a total of $157 million.

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Anyone who would seriously consider Lindsay Lohan for a leading role would be wise to look at her history of alcohol and drug abuse. There is also her seeming inability to obey court orders and laws against drunk driving.

A-List producers and directors regard her as a pariah because she's so undependable and erratic. She shows up for filming when she's sober, and if she feels like it.  When she does show up she's almost impossible to work with, and her acting abilities leave much to be desired.

She is what is known in Hollywood as "box office poison."  It's a mystery that she's still regarded as a "star".

So why would anybody even think about hiring her to play Elizabeth Taylor?  Elementary my dear Watson. For the publicity she would generate for the project.  Good or bad, she would attract viewers.