And we'll go fishin' in a new fishin' hole.  Now it's not as if we don't already have plenty of places to fish in these parts, but you may be interested to know that a brand new lake is almost ready to be opened for fishing.  It's Lake Naconiche in northeastern Nacogdoches County, and Texas Parks and Wildlife fisheries experts have just finished stocking it with a huge supply of Florida bass.


At just under 700 acres, Lake Naconiche is not an especially big lake, compared to nearby Lake Rayburn and Toledo Bend, but the experts say it has a lot of promise as a great place to fish. They've just finished stocking it with hundreds of adult Florida bass and more than 75 thousand bass fingerlings.

Ideally, the fingerlings will grow to adult size, and the new adult fish will spawn and help the Florida gene get established in the lake. Why Florida bass you ask?  The guys from TPW say as a rule, Florida bass grow faster and bigger than our native Texas bass.

Lake Naconiche will open to the public for fishing and recreation on September 1st, and we can't wait to check it out.

In that big satellite photo, that highway running diagonally across the bottom right corner is Hwy 59 just northeast of Nacogdoches.  So Lake Naconiche is easy to find.  Just head northeast out of Nacogdoches on Hwy 59 and follow the signs.