The Lufkin News reports officials at Woodland Heights Medical Center are asking Lufkin City Council to endorse incentives they say will help their long range plans for a major expansion that will increase services and create jobs.


Woodland Heights CFO Sam Minkowitz says it will be a $5 million dollar expansion. “We’re going to expand our OB and neonatal intensive care unit project, and that will add some jobs."

The Lufkin 4B Economic Development Corporation approved and recommended to the City Council an Enterprise Project designation nomination for the medical center at this week's City Council meeting .

The expansion plans are still on the drawing boards, and no one can say when construction will start. City Economic Development Director Jim Wehmeier says this can be done at no cost to the city or the 4B corporation.

This appears to be a win-win for Woodland Heights and the city.  Bring it on.