The Texas Department of Transportation says it is working overtime to continue its month-long crack down on drinking and driving over the Labor Day weekend.  TxDOT’s “Drink. Drive. Go to Jail” Campaign began August 19th and goes through Tuesday September 5th.


TxDOT officials say the goal of this annual campaign is to prevent alcohol-related traffic accidents and fatalities.  Toward that goal, TxDOT urges people who've been drinking to get someone who is sober to drive them home, because no one is immune to the effects of alcohol.

To drive home their point, TxDOT officials say people caught driving under the influence will go directly to jail. If that happens, it could cost them up to $17,000 in bail, legal fees, fines, court appearances, insurance increases, court-ordered classes, and other expenses.

To enforce this crackdown, the Texas Department of Public Safety, county sheriff's departments, and city police departments all over the state are putting all available state troopers and local officers on extended duty through Tuesday.

They are out there, and if you're driving drunk, they will get you.