Here's the latest from the other planet former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich lives on.  That other "planet" is the Englewood Federal Prison in Littleton, Colorado, outside Denver.  Blagojevich says he likes Colorado, but this prison IS BORING.  Poor guy.


via Facebook/Rod Blagojevich

When we last looked in on Rod Blagojevich he was beginning a 14 year prison term for political corruption while he was Illinois governor.  The Huffington Post reports Blago reported to the prison three months ago bouncing with optimism and enthusiasm, like he was reporting for military duty, or summer camp.

Fast forward to the present. Sadly, his former attorney says Blago is now bored out of his skull behind the high gray walls.  “He’s still working in the kitchen doing the pots and pans ... and what he’d really like to do is teach.”

Attorney Sam Adam Jr. says the former governor wants to teach Shakespeare, ancient Greek philosophy and mythology. Tragically, the prison won't let him out of the kitchen. Oh the inhumanity!

And that's how it is on Planet Blago.  Stay tuned for another exciting installment, and we all know there will be more.