With the old Pines Theater almost completely repaired, refurbished and restored, the Lufkin Convention and Visitors Bureau has the task of finding and scheduling entertainment events for it, and they're not wasting any time.


LCVB Executive Director Tara Watson-Watkins says they're planning a grand "re-opening" of the restored Pines Theater for December 1st, with Irish tenor Paul Byrom doing the singing.

Watson-Watkins says they're also in the process of booking a schedule of eight events that will run through the spring, featuring everything from musicians to comedians.

She says they want people to know that they are not trying to compete with the Angelina Arts Alliance.

"This is just another venue that we have in Lufkin, and we’ve got to be able to promote our Pines — it’s the history of Lufkin — and what better way than to bring a series of events."

We fervently hope these plans will come to fruition, because they will make the 1920s Art Deco Pines Theater a popular live entertainment destination for Lufkinites of all ages here in the 21st century.