Feeling blue today?  Blame it on Texas.

That's what a new study says, that looked over Twitter posts from us Texans, and others across the US. The study combed for negative and positive words, and added them all up to see which states had happy people, and which states had residents with emotions in the tank.

Maine, Nevada, Vermont, Utah, and Hawaii are the happiest states, and Texas is among the saddest, according to the study.  Our neighbors in Louisiana are just a smidge sadder, and Mississippi has the doldrums too.

In fact, Beaumont, Texas and Shreveport, Louisiana are two of the saddest cities in bummed-out states.

Since this entire study is based on Twitter, can't we just say that those who spend all day on Twitter and send out negative tweets are pathetic and sad, and perhaps everyone else in Texas is doing just fine?  After all, there's only so much happiness you can squeeze into 140 characters.