McDonald’s To Receive $1 Billion Makeover [VIDEO]
The interior decor at your local Golden Arches leaves a lot to be desired, but that won't be the case for much longer.
The fast food giant plans to drop roughly $1 billion to re-decorate its restaurants, replacing red-and-yellow plastic with faux-leather and harsh overhead lighting with somethin…
Romanian Politician Dances For Attention [VIDEO]
How would you react if you saw a video of President Obama dancing like a fool?
In politics, vying for attention can be a difficult feat, what with all the scandalous love affairs, dishonest financial antics and hot-button social issues.
But it appears that Romanian lawmaker Edmond Talmacean may have f…
More Economic Woes For Obama? [VIDEO]
Sean Hannity talks to Neal Boortz about President Obama's Deficit Reduction Plan and the Credit Rating Agency's outlook of the United States' Sovereign Debt.
Watch the video below to learn more. What do you think of this new credit rating for 2012?

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