texas primaries

County Dems Looking for New Candidates
Steve Knight of the Lufkin News reports the Angelina County Democratic Party is looking for new candidates to replace their disqualified candidates for County Sheriff and County Constable Precinct 3.
Learning the Law the Hard Way
Two Democratic candidates for office in Angelina County — the nominee for sheriff and an incumbent constable — both voted in the Republican primary last month, and that was a serious no-no.  It was against the law, and they've both been taken off the ballot in the November ge…
Winners and Losers in Party Primaries
We have good news and bad news.  The good news is that the state party primaries have finally come and gone.  We now know what the November general election ballot will look like, and that's the bad news. We can also look forward to five more months of relentless and sometimes nasty c…
Texans Leave Voting to a Small Minority
It doesn’t take very many people to win an election in Texas.  The court battle over redistricting is pushing the primaries closer to summertime — creating the real possibility that Texas Republicans will have no say in who their presidential nominee should be.
Political o…