texas drought

Drought is Killing State’s Agriculture
State agriculture officials say the relentless drought is causing a major economic disaster for Texas farmers. It's the worst drought in the state's history, and the most costly. Texas agriculture losses could exceed $5.2 billion statewide if the drought doesn't end soon.
Tropical Storm Heading for South Texas
We have good news and we have bad news. First the good news.  It's going to rain, a lot, in South and Central Texas in the coming days.  The bad news?  It's because of a tropical storm now moving across the Gulf of Mexico and heading straight for the lower Texas coast.
Governor Rick Perry Asks Texans to Pray for Rain
Governor Rick Perry is calling on Texans to pray for rain, as the 4th worst drought in the state’s history shows no sign of letting up, and firefighters continue battling wildfires that have charred more than one and a half million acres across the state.