student loan crisis

Small Towns Offering to Pay Student Loans
From rural Kansas to upstate New York -- communities worried about their aging and shrinking populations are trying anything they can to attract young professionals and get them to move there.  Some are even offering to pay off all or part of their student loans.
Colleges Finally Teaching Financial Literacy
It's about time.  Colleges and universities are waking up to the fact that student loans have become a national crisis.  So many students and graduates are buried under student loans they can't repay, classroom and online courses in financial literacy are now part of the curricul…
Student Loan Debt Meets Social Security
We  bet you never thought you would see the words "student loans' and Social Security in the same sentence, but recent college grads aren't the only ones worrying about their student loans.  Many people close to Social Security age are also in that boat.
Worse, if the loans are not paid before t…