First Private Cargo Ship Expected at Space Station in November
With the retirement of the Space Shuttle fleet, NASA is looking to the private sector to provide the rockets and ships necessary to keep the International Space Station going.  If things go as planned, the first privately owned space capsule will dock at the space station in November.
Boeing Will Partner With NASA to Speed Up USA Return to Space
To say that NASA is excited would be the understatement of the decade.  Aerospace giant Boeing has announced that it will build its seven-seat crew capsule to fit the super reliable Atlas V rocket -- in the hope of carrying astronauts to the International Space Station by the end of 2015.
End of an Era For America’s Space Program
There was stark symbolism in the night time landing of the space shuttle Atlantis early today in Florida.  As Atlantis came down in the darkness, ending 30 years of shuttle missions, the entire American space program also went into the dark.  No one can say for sure when the sun will rise …
NASA Recovers Stolen Lunar Dust
A small amount of moon dust that was stolen after it was brought to Earth by the Apollo 11 mission has been recovered and returned to the Johnson Space Center in Houston.
Space Shuttle Endeavour on the Way Home, For the Last Time
The Space Shuttle Endeavour and its crew of six has undocked from the International Space Station and is coming home, to close out NASA's next-to-last shuttle flight.  They paused just long enough to do a victory lap and test equipment for a future interplanetary ship.

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