international space station

First Private Cargo Ship Expected at Space Station in November
With the retirement of the Space Shuttle fleet, NASA is looking to the private sector to provide the rockets and ships necessary to keep the International Space Station going.  If things go as planned, the first privately owned space capsule will dock at the space station in November.
Space Shuttle Endeavour on the Way Home, For the Last Time
The Space Shuttle Endeavour and its crew of six has undocked from the International Space Station and is coming home, to close out NASA's next-to-last shuttle flight.  They paused just long enough to do a victory lap and test equipment for a future interplanetary ship.
NASA Considers Using Lasers To Avoid Space Junk
“Space junk” and debris in Earth orbit is a big and growing danger to space vehicles, satellites and even the International Space Station.  That's why NASA scientists are looking at a new option for reducing the dangers of orbiting clutter.