Texas Fisherman Is Surprised When It’s A Shark On The Line
Ok fishermen, have you ever reeled in a catch as big as your truck?  You anglers get a bad rap for your tendency to exaggerate just how big the catch was, but this 800-pound monster was no exaggeration.  Seriously!  A San Antonio man hauled in this monster last weekend.
Virginia Man Catches Scariest Fish Ever Seen
You know all those plans you had to go swimming this summer? Forget them. After you see the fish a Virginia man caught earlier this month, you're not even going to want to take a shower without a spear gun.
Virginia fisherman Caleb Newton caught a three-foot-long, 17-pound, six-ounce Northern sn…
Nacogdoches Has a Fishing Champ!
Josh Haddox of Nacogdoches is a champ! Josh goes to school at Texas A&M and is part of a fishing team there with Timothy Temple of Bryan, TX. The two just won the National Guard FLW College Fishing Southern Conference event on Lake Eufala in Oklahoma over the weekend.
Call it beginner’s luck, s…
Experts Say Best Fishing Holes Are on Private Property
With almost 200 public reservoirs and thousands of miles of  rivers and streams, there's no shortage of public places where you can go fishing for free.  Even so, experts say the best fishing holes are on private property, but fishing in them will cost you.