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Couple In Big Trouble After Stuffing Baby In Carry-On Luggage
X-ray scanners have caught air travelers with all sorts of strange and embarrassing things in their carry-on luggage. But it would be hard to top the images captured last week at the Shar-Jah Airport in the United Arab Emirates when an Egyptian couple stuffed their five-month-old in a suit…
Report: TSA is Bloated, Ineffective and Outdated
The Transportation Security Administration has major problems and it needs to be overhauled and downsized, according to a congressional report released Wednesday, on the 10th anniversary of the day Congress created the agency.
TSA Defends Frisking Baby at KC Airport
Federal officials say screeners at Kansas City International Airport were just doing their jobs when they frisked a six month old baby, and attracted worldwide attention after a cellphone picture of the pat-down was posted on Twitter.