What you are about to read is true.

Of all the people on this planet, the world's most famous theoretical physicist is the last person you would expect to enjoy going to sex clubs and topless bars.

Then again, why not?  Dr. Stephen Hawking is, after all, famous for his understanding of "heavenly bodies".


Hawking spends his days contemplating the mysteries of the universe, despite being completely disabled by a form of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

But at night -- it seems Hawking also has an interest in more earthly and earthy matters.  Cambridge University has admitted the 70-year-old has visited a well known swingers’ sex club in California.  There is, however, disagreement over how many times he's been there.

The admission came in response to a story that emerged last week, when a U.S. website reported that Professor Hawking dropped in at the club, with a full entourage of nurses and assistants in tow.  It's reported he paid several young  dancers to perform privately for him.  Nude of course.

Radaronline claims Hawking has visited this club before.  The website says a source told them Hawking is a regular at this club.

A Cambridge spokesman says that's not true. '‘This report is greatly exaggerated.  He visited once a few years ago with friends while on a visit to California."

This isn't the first time Hawking has been linked to a risque establishment. He has been photographed enjoying the attentions of young ladies in Stringfellow's club, a well known London topless bar.

Club owner Peter Stringfellow says he is a huge fan of the professor.  He says Hawking is one of the most intelligent men in the world ... but he enjoys having some "guy fun."

Stringfellow says "I remember asking him if he’d like to have a conversation with me about the universe, or if he’d just like to watch the girls. The answer was quite simply, ‘The girls."

via Stephen Hawking visits California swingers' sex club | Mail Online.

So the scientist who is regarded as the greatest thinker since Isaac Newton, who has been confined to a wheel chair unable to speak or even feed  himself for most of his life,  enjoys watching beautiful girls dance nude for him.

Good for him.