Some Democrats are expressing what amounts to "buyer's remorse" over their choice of Barack Obama as their Presidential candidate in 2008.

Obama is facing mounting doubts about his re-election prospects from inside his own party, and some of his fellow Democrats are wondering if Hillary Clinton would have made a better president.

They say Obama's capitulation to Republicans in the recent tussle over deficit reduction is the lowest point of his presidency and the latest in a series of blows to the liberal agenda.

Faced with the staunch opposition of the Tea Party contingent of the Republican Party, Obama agreed to widespread cuts in government spending without winning any revenue increases in exchange.

Finding it hard to defend his often listless and repetitive performances, Democratic strategists and commentators are privately agreeing with Republicans -- and comparing Obama to Jimmy Carter, another Democrat who remains the post-war benchmark for a failed president.

Obama's approval rating has fallen dramatically since the killing of Osama bin Laden in early May, and he has failed to outline a vision for how he will improve chronic unemployment and a housing market in which one if five mortgage holders are in negative equity.

A 2012 primary challenge by Mrs Clinton is currently regarded as unlikely, but growing number of party activists and old hands are hoping that she changes her mind.

via Democrats doubt Barack Obama's reelection chances - Telegraph.

Hillary Clinton has served as Obama's Secretary of State since he took office, and to date, she has shown no interest in running for President. In fact, she has said on several occasions that she won't run for office again.