If you live in northeast Nacogdoches County, and have a story to tell about any of the recent earthquakes that have struck that area, seismology experts from SFA and the University of Texas would love to hear it.


Erin McKeon of the Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel writes that researchers from SFA and UT are knocking on doors in northeast Nacogdoches County looking for first person earthquake stories.

They want to know where people were and what they felt when the earthquakes hit.  UT researcher Michael Brunt says that will help them pinpoint the epicenter and maybe figure out what caused them.

Some blame the drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing, "fracking", which is going on in the area around Timpson.

"Fracking" pumps water and chemicals into underground geologic formations to "fracture" them and release the oil.

Brunt says:

“What a lot of people don’t understand is that when oil and gas companies drill and do these things, they do it on faults...There has to be a fault to get the oil and gas from. You’ve got to think if you’re taking away or injecting on a fault line, things can happen. That’s not to say that it is the cause locally.”

If you have a story to tell about one or more of the recent earthquakes, contact the Geology Department at SFA.